Sunday, December 14, 2008

Season’s Greetings from San Diego!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time on the California coast, thanks to the hospitality of the yacht clubs and the generosity of our friends here.

As members of the Devonport Yacht Club in NZ, we have been welcomed by many of the yacht clubs to use their facilities. Everything from docks, showers, pools, saunas and tennis courts have been made available to us - a very civilized way to go cruising, I must say!

Since many of our cruising friends have now completed their circumnavigation and are ‘home based’ here, we have had wonderful tour guides all the way down the coast. Not to mention catching up on the intervening years of stories.

We have been surprised to bump into several old cruising friends who are still cruising, also on their way to Mexico.

So it’s been a fun trip so far. Even the weather has been great!

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